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For 15 years, Courtney has been on a mission to destroy digital marketing mediocrity. They've helped dozens of clients and employers abandon the gut-feeling approach to marketing, challenge the status quo, and drive digital innovation. Recently, they launched the For Folx Sake podcast with the mission to help listeners cultivate inclusive communities. Courtney contributes to marketing publications such as The Journal of Brand Strategy and is on the editorial board for The Journal of Digital and Social Media Strategy. They also co-authored a book on Voice Search.

Session Descriptions

For Folx Sake: Designing inclusive digital experiences

The demand for inclusive content has never been higher. Look no further than Google trends, where the topic “gender-neutral language” has steadily climbed in interest since 2012, reaching a new peak this month. This session will show attendees how to create digital content that appeals to an inclusive audience without watering down their message.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Audit your content for the most common inclusivity mistakes
  • Reframe content to speak to an inclusive audience without creating confusion
  • Generate brand loyalty through inclusive digital experiences

Forget Low-Hanging Fruit: How to protect your brand from commoditization by Google and Amazon

In marketing, we often hear the phrase "low-hanging fruit" thrown around as if it's a virtue. But in the age of giant brands like Google and Amazon, companies that choose to focus on low-hanging fruit are throwing away time and resources working on content that these behemoths will eventually commoditize. In this session, you'll learn how to play the long game by identifying the content that only your team can create, build an optimization strategy around that content, and protect your brand from commoditization.