Courtney Cox Wakefield

Resident of Dallas
Spouse of Hollis
Co-parent of one kid, one dog, and five cats
Podcast and audiobook addict
Forever student

About Courtney Cox Wakefield

Digital marketing consultant, speaker, and author

Courtney is a digital marketer, speaker, and author. They have helped dozens of companies abandon the gut-feeling approach to marketing, challenge the status quo, and drive digital innovation.

Courtney was selected by Innovation Women’s The 2018 Marketing Super Panel, an honor that recognizes the best marketing speakers. They speak at marketing events including Inbound, Digital Summit, Content Marketing World, and more. Courtney has also been featured on the MarTech Podcast and the Voices of Search Podcast.

They are the host of the For Folx Sake podcast, a weekly show dedicated to helping listeners cultivate inclusive communities.


Courtney has contributed to marketing publications such as The Journal of Brand Strategy and is on the editorial board for The Journal of Digital and Social Media Strategy. They also co-authored Voice Search: The New Search Engine with Amine Bentahar.

Courtney lives in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX with their wife Hollis, their child, Kepley, one dog, and five cats (no, that’s not a typo).

Courtney and Hollis are passionate about their community. Their free time is often spent volunteering for the causes they support: the local arts, social justice, and animal welfare.
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Courtney's Resume
Courtney and Hollis love to spend date night at the hockey game.
One of Courtney’s cats, Topanga, has 25 toes.
Over two dozen peacocks roam free in Courtney’s neighborhood.
Courtney and Hollis' kiddo was born as a micropreemie at 24-weeks gestation (16 weeks early).
Courtney is a natural leader whose passion for online marketing is unmatched among anyone I’ve worked with over the course of my career.
-Will Gallahue, Bouncie
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